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Starknet sepolia streams and RPC v0.6

Starknet is migrating the testnet from Goerli to Sepolia. All teams are encouraged to migrate their application to this new testnet. We now offer a Starknet Sepolia DNA stream at sepolia.starknet.a5a.ch.

We will keep offering the Goerli stream until Starknet Goerli reaches the end of its life.

Starknet RPC v0.6

The new version of the Starknet DNA service now uses version 0.6 of the Starknet JSON-RPC spec. This version also updates the Starknet types to include all the new features coming in the next Starknet version (0.13).

Support private repositories in the Kubernetes Operator.

The Apibara Kubernetes Operator now supports running indexers from a private GitHub repository. Generate a Personal Access Token (PAT) in GitHub and store it in a Secret on your cluster. When creating a new Indexer, load the PAT in an environment variable and specify the accessTokenEnvVar property. The operator will authenticate with GitHub when cloning the repository.


Apibara is the fastest platform to build production-grade indexers that connect onchain data to web2 services.

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