Serverless Platform for Web3

Bring the benefits of web3 into your application faster. Apibara takes away the complexity of blockchain development so that you can focus on your application.

Fully-managed web3 development platform

We have something for everyone, from hackathons to rapidly growing projects. Use Apibara to build your application API, integrate external services, and collaborate with your team.

Stress-free web3 development

Production ready in minutes
Build your application API by aggregating blockchain data. Easily deploy to our serverless indexer service.
Faster integration
Access all of your data through a single GraphQL API. Reduce development time and launch faster.
Any language
Use your favorite language and tools. Want to write the backend in Solidity? With Apibara you can!
Apibara is open-source and based on open standards. Use the APIs you're already familiar with and leverage the huge ecosystem of open-source libraries.

We're open source

We believe the best developer tools are open-source. Join our community of contributors and help shape the future of web3 development.


Contribute to Apibara on GitHub. Provide feedback to the Apibara developers, or contribute with code and bug fixes.


Chat with other developers on Discord. Discuss and share ideas with your peers.

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