Stream. Transform. Integrate.

Apibara is an open-source web3 data streaming platform secured by Zero Knowledge proofs. Stream and combine on-chain data to build anything you have in mind.

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Build dapps that feel alive

Add real-time on-chain data to your application in just a few steps. Focus on building the next big thing while we take care of the low-level web3 details.


Ship more often by spending less time waiting for your indexer to sync. Our efficient streaming protocol can push data up to gigabytes per second.

Latency < 0ms

Reduce the latency visible to your users to 0 by implementing optimistic updates. We push data to you before it’s confirmed on-chain!

Data integrity

Build on top of streams protected by Zero Knowledge (ZK) proofs. Data in ZK-secured streams can be verified by anyone.

Supported networks

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Get exactly the data you need

Make your application unique by transforming and combining streams. Reconfigure your streams as you index to handle even the most complex scenarios.

Direct Node Access (DNA)

From transactions to storage and traces, select any data that lives inside the node. For the first time, you get all on-chain data through an easy-to-use protocol.


Manage complexity by combining many simpler streams together. Easily share data between different parts of your application.


Create your own ZK-secured streams, Apibara will take care of proof generation for you.

Use with your favorite language


Works with the tools you love

Send on-chain data to any service you already use. Keep your team productive by leveraging the tools they already know.

Fit into your stack

Pipe on-chain data directly into your existing stack and keep using your favorite tools.

Local dev, cloud prod

Iterate faster by running Apibara locally during development, then launch by deploying on our hosted service.

Public good streams

Share your streams with the community so that anyone can start building on top of your data.

Integrates with your stack

Open-source on-chain data streaming platform secured by Zero Knowledge proofs.



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