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Testing indexers and new RFC process

This week, we released an update to the Apibara CLI tool. This version fixes a bug causing the API key used to stream data to leak in some situations.

To update, reinstall the CLI tool with:

curl -sL https://install.apibara.com | bash

We added a new section to the documentation showing how Apibara ships with the best tool to test indexers. The apibara test command implements snapshot testing for indexers. The tool snaps the indexer's output on the first run. The indexer's output is compared with the previous snapshot on successive runs. The CLI tool also helps create test fixtures by connecting to an actual DNA stream and downloading data locally.

Test failure


Apibara has been used in production for over one year, and it's now time to get our users more involved in the design process of the DNA protocol and CLI tool. For this reason, we adopted a RFC process to guide the evolution of Apibara.

You can find all RFCs on the Notion page. If you see anything that catches your eye, please leave a comment!


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