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New endpoint to monitor DNA servers' status

New endpoint to monitor DNA servers' status

This week, we released version 1.1.2 of the Starknet DNA service. This version brings a new Status gRPC method to query the ingestion state of the DNA server. This endpoint can be used to know the most recent block in the chain and the latest ingested block by the node.

Users running their Starknet DNA server are encouraged to upgrade their container images to quay.io/apibara/starnet:1.1.2.

New @apibara/indexer Typescript package release

We released an update to the indexer Typescript library. This version fixes some typing issues, especially for Starknet's Filter and Block types. Users can upgrade by changing their imports to point to the new release.

import { Filter } from "https://esm.sh/@apibara/indexer/starknet@0.2.0";

Apibara is the fastest platform to build production-grade indexers that connect onchain data to web2 services.

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