Apibara Python SDK

It's possible to implement Apibara applications using the Python SDK.

The Python SDK is great to develop applications that:

  • use ML and AI to process blockchain data,
  • interact with external http services,
  • leverage the vast ecosystem of Python packages.


You can install the apibara package using pip:

python3 -m pip install apibara[indexer]

Alternatively, you can use Poetry and add Apibara to the list of dependencies:

apibara = { version = "^0.6.0", extras = ["indexer"] }

Using a template

We provide a template project to get you started even quicker.

From the GitHub interface

Click on the "Use this template" button, then fill out the name and visibility of your new repository. Finally, clone the repository to your machine.

From the GitHub cli

Create a new repository, starting from the provided template:

gh repo create my-indexer --clone --public --template https://github.com/apibara/python-indexer-template

This will create a new public repository in your GitHub account. The project is now ready in the my-indexer folder on your machine.

Last modified 8/14/2023
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