Apibara Python SDK

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Apibara Python SDK

It's possible to implement Apibara applications using the Python SDK.

The Python SDK is great to develop applications that:

  • use ML and AI to process blockchain data,
  • interact with external http services,
  • leverage the vast ecosystem of Python packages.


You can install the apibara package using pip:

python3 -m pip install apibara[indexer]

Alternatively, you can use Poetry and add Apibara to the list of dependencies:

apibara = { version = "^0.6.0", extras = ["indexer"] }

Using a template#

We provide a template project to get you started even quicker.

From the GitHub interface#

Click on the "Use this template" button, then fill out the name and visibility of your new repository. Finally, clone the repository to your machine.

From the GitHub cli#

Create a new repository, starting from the provided template:

gh repo create my-indexer --clone --public --template https://github.com/apibara/python-indexer-template

This will create a new public repository in your GitHub account. The project is now ready in the my-indexer folder on your machine.

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