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16 Jan 2023

New protocol version released

Today we release the next version of the Apibara streaming protocol. This version enables developers to stream exactly the data they need, resulting in indexers that sync up to 100x times faster than the previous version.

Traditionally, developers build indexers by requesting data from the node through a protocol like JSON-RPC. This protocol is not designed for moving significant amounts of data, so these indexers take days to fully sync, blocking teams from iterating quickly over their product.

Apibara solves this by providing an efficient binary protocol to filter and stream any data available in the node directly into your application. You can choose what data you need and stream it using one of our open-source SDKs.

StarkNet is the first network we support. You can access any combination of the following data:

  • Block headers.
  • Transactions and their receipt.
  • Events, together with the transaction that emitted them.
  • Messages from L2 to L1.
  • State updates, including changes in storage, contracts declared and deployed, and nonce updates.

The protocol's previous version will keep running until the end of February 2023. Existing Apibara users are encouraged to migrate to the new protocol since it provides many benefits around speed and data consumption. If you need help, don't hesitate to get in touch over Discord.

To get started using Apibara, head over to our documentation or the Python or Typescript SDKs.

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