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23 Oct 2022

Composable streams are here

The latest release of Apibara introduces composable streams. Developers can create new Rust applications whose job is to transform streams of data into new streams.

Composable streams

Composable streams are one of Apibara defining features, they are the building stone for many other features like:

  • Stage caching. By dividing complex workflows into multiple streams, each stage is cached. Development cycles become faster so that you can ship sooner.
  • Building common-good streams. Common data, like tokens transfers, are shared between multiple applications: no need to duplicate work by having applications compute the same data over and over again. Our long term vision is to decentralize streams so that developers can freely build on top of them.
  • Easy to deploy services. We can now provide a way for developers to create streams without writing any code.
  • Real-time UIs. Create interfaces that always have the most recent data to increase user experience and trust in your application.

Developers can start building composable streams today using the Rust SDK we relased. We will released a gRPC application interface for all team that want to leverage their existing skills and infrastructure.

Rust application

We're going to ETH Lisbon

Our team is going to attend ETH Lisbon next week! If you would like to meet and chat about builders' needs, DM us on Twitter.

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