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15 Sept 2022

Apibara streams are here

Today we are releasing the new version of Apibara and the Python SDK.

This release introduces Apibara streams: real-time and composable streams of web3 and web2 data. These changes improve Apibara developer experience significantly:

  • Faster indexing: the protocol can already stream tens of thousands of blocks per minute.
  • More flexible SDK: it's now possible to add features like whole-block indexing and dynamic event filters.
  • Simpler development: developers can get started building in only a few minutes, without depending on Docker.

All users are encouraged to upgrade today, we published a guide on how to migrate from version 0.4 of the Python SDK to the new version 0.5.

What's next

The Apibara streaming protocol is independent from the blockchain being indexed, this enables us to add support to multiple chains in the near future.

The new version also enables us to soon start offering free hosting for all Apibara indexers, subscribe to this block to be notified as soon as it becomes available!

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